Packages tailored to your needs

Community Workshops, Multicultural Outreach & Themed Parades

Recent Projects: ‘Holi’ Celebration Indian Society bangor; Cultural Fusion St Davids’ Day Parade Bangor; Cybi Festival; Legends and lantern workshops.

Packages to encourage spoken language skills

Drama, storytelling and art workshops. Recent work: Cybi Primary school; Abergele Community Centre


Story and Art in Festivals and Community Events

Creative Outreach

Gathering view points and information; encouraging taking part and ownership within projects

Curriculum Packages

Victorian Age; Princes of Gwynedd; Gwenllian; Owain Glyn Dŵr. Local Archive Projects. Habitat & Landscape, Local History and Legends; Combining Story, Drama and Art tailored to your needs. 


Script writing; professional presenting or in character: Creating community and local history videos. Recent project include: Syr Henry Jones Museum, Llangernyw; Nefyn Maritime Museum; Victorian Sea-side Towns, Conwy Fusion Project.